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Prime Minister KP Oli And Prithvi Narayan Shah

Issue january 2019

Prime Minister KP Oli And Prithvi Narayan Shah

Siddhi B Ranjitkar


“Nobody should dream of reinstating the monarchy,” said Prime Minister KP Oli. This is the first page news in “gorkhapatra” on January 11, 2019: the day Prime minister Oli and his president celebrated the anniversary of Prithvi Narayan Shah that had earned the credit for being a deity and a demon. President Bidya Devi Bhandari has said the Nepali remained sovereign forever due to the bravery and sacrifice of the ancestors. This is another news posted on Deputy Prime Minister Ishwaor Pokhrel said that King Prithvi Narayan Shah unified the religion, culture and language.


First, let us see why Prime Minister Oli said that nobody needed to think of reinstating the monarchy. Probably, Mr. Oli himself must have thought he had already become the three-star monarch. Speaking on one of the Radio Nepal morning program called “antar-sambad,” Dr Prakash Chandra Lohani once has said that Mr. Oli has been “shree tin” means the three-star Rana prime minister that had wielded unimaginable power to repress not only the common folks but also even the then five-star king.


Mr. Oli has set his habit of speaking and doing everything as he likes not like as a sovereign prime minister but as a very skilled comedian. So, everybody enjoys listening to his speech; however, many listeners probably including his own spouse might not believe him entirely, as most of the things he has said so far have been almost unbelievable.


Mr Oli has said that the allowance to the senior citizens would be increased to NPR 5,000 per month, and the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Nepalis would be US $ 5,000 in the five yeas to come. Probably, he did not know the amount of money the state required to grant the allowance to the senior citizens at NPR 5,000 per month; so, the knowledgeable person his finance minister did not increase the senior citizen allowance. Again, he probably did not know what should be the economic growth per year to achieve US $ 5,000 income per capita in the coming five years. He would never be able to achieve the income per capita of US $ 5,000 perhaps in his lifetime if we were to believe the real economists.


In his recent statement at the parliament, Mr. Oli has stated so many economic indicators and convinced (probably not) the parliamentarians that his government has done something during the last nine months of his rein. However, common folks like me interested in the water coming from the Melamchi River has been totally disappointed from his statement of the work has been going on in this project.


The prime minister’s statement indicated that the water from the Melamchi River might not flow to the Kathmandu Valley very soon. The government has missed the target of fetching the water from the Melamchi River set for the last Dashain. The next target is unknown because delay in the large project implementation brings the maximum premium to the people involved in such a project. The conclusion is probably Mr Oli did not hold himself as a prime minister accountable for what he said to the people.


The message of Prime Minister Oli given to the nation on the occasion of 297th anniversary of Prithvi Shah posted on has been proved to be rubbish a number of times in the past but Mr Oli did not feel shame to repeat them again.


“Prithvi’s national unification drive was very timely and relevant. Nepal could not have stood as an independent, integral and sovereign modern country in the global arena had there been no success of the unification campaign spearheaded by Prithvi Narayan”, the message reads.


This message of Mr Oli has indicated that obviously Mr Oli has not studied the history of Nepal. For his information, historian Dinesh Pantha had said to the Radio Nepal anchor in the “antar-sambad’ program on October 17, 2018 that Nepalese borders were Tiesta to the east and Kumaon and Garwal to the west during the Licchavi period. The historian said that Prithvi Narayan had only reunited the small kingdoms because Mandev and Yachhe Malla did the same to some extent before Prithvi Shah.


“Nepal could not have stood as an independent, integral and sovereign modern country in the global arena had there been no success of the unification campaign.” This statement of Mr Oli indicated how naïve Mr Oli has been. The mythical kings that had turned into the deities called Swet Bhairav and Akash Bhairav had kept Nepal sovereign and independent driving away the invaders from the north and the south even in the ancient time. Then, Licchavis kept the integrity and sovereignty of Nepal for more than 500 years.


Mr Oli probably has not forgotten how the entire Nepalese populace stood behind him and defended Nepal from the sanctions Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had imposed on Nepal in 2015, and defeated Modi. Mr. Oli could say he stood firmly against the sanctions, that was correct to some extent but Mr. Oli did not do anything to mitigate the sufferings of the common folks that stood so boldly against the foreign invader.


“Our country could not be defended from the influence of colonial powers emerging across the globe if the mega campaign of the national unification was not succeeded in the then time”, the message added. How low Mr. Oli could go down and humiliate the brave Nepalis that stood against any foreign invasion heaping every sorts of credit for the independence and sovereignty of Nepalis on Prithvi Shah.


“It was Prithvi Narayan Shah who took the leadership to sow the seed of glorious tradition of unity among diversity. Today, diversity in unity has become Nepal’s identity”, PM Oli said. This statement is one of the numerous lies of Mr. Oli. For the information of Mr. Oli, Prithvi Shah and his descendents did not care about uniting the diverse folks rather ruled them ruthlessly with the power of swords, and kept the entire population in poverty and disease; hangover of which has continued even today.  Mr. Oli as a communist in his past life had fought against it.


The news in “gorkhapatra” on January 11, 2019 has it that Prime Minister Oli paid tribute to the numerous people that had lost the valuable lives in the unification campaign. However, Mr. Oli totally ignored millions of folks that lost the lives for nothing but because of the atrocity of Prithvi Shah. Even today the descendents of the victims of Prithvi Shah have set the tradition of spiting him on this very day to remind the so cruel behavior of Prithvi Shah in Kirtipur. A distinguish author of so many articles CK Lal had written that Prithvi Shah had his men bundled his opponents in rags and then thrown them in a river.


Today, Mr. Oli is in the seat of the prime ministerial chair because of the votes of the descendents of the victims of the cruelty of Prithvi Shah. However, he did not want to remember those victims but he paid tribute to those killers and criminals.


Probably, the descendents of the victims of Prithvi Shah would think twice to vote for Mr. Oli and the candidates of his party in the next elections because he feels that he has been wearing the crown of the then Rana prime minister. Unfortunately, the crown the last Rana Prime Minister Mohan Shumsher surrendered to the then King Tribhuvan had been sold and used that money for the medical treatment of the ailing Tribhuvan. However, that money could not save Tribhuvan in 1955. So, the Nepali Congress leaders and cadres could prepare for the takeover from Mr. Oli after the next general elections.


Now, what the president said in her message. “President Bidya Devi Bhandari has said the Nepali remained sovereign forever due to the bravery and sacrifice of the ancestors” the news on That is right our ancestors had saved the sovereignty but the credit for it should not be given only to Prithvi Shah.


The next message the president has given to the people as posted on is “Prithvi Narayan’s sayings are important even to move towards self-reliant economy. She also expected that the unifier Prithvi Narayan Shah’s views will be inspirational to lead the nation towards prosperity as the incumbent government’s goal of ‘Prosperous Nepal: Happy Nepali”.


President Bhandari needed to think twice before giving such a message to the Nepalis. If the views and deeds of Prithvi Shah had been inspirational, his descendents would have followed and they would have done the job what Mr. Oli has said to do making Nepal prosperous and Nepalis happy, and Nepalis would not need to wait for about 300 years after Prithvi Shah for Mr. Oli to say to do so.


However, Mr. Oli himself probably does not understand what he has said and how he would do it, as nothing has been happening to this end. Probably, none of the Nepalis including his colleagues and cadres is happy with the performances of Mr. Oli, and no economic activities have been to make Nepal prosperous as we have seen that even the water from the Melamchi River has been uncertain to flow to Kathmandu not to mention the fast track high way linking Kathmandu with Hetauda or Nizgad or any other spot in Terai for that matter to build.


Now, let us see how the deputy Prime Minister Ishwaor Pokhrel is doing to celebrate the anniversary of the man once the communists had depicted as a demon now they are turning him into a deity.


 “He (King Prithvi Narayan Shah) unified the religion, culture and language. So, the National Unification Day is celebrated in his commemoration,” DPM Pokhrel said, the news on has it. Nothing more is false than this statement. The communists have been saying that the Shah kings had imposed one language, one culture, and one religion ignoring more than one hundred languages, so many different culture, and religions, too.


Are all those communists leaders at least for the time being the president, the prime minister, and the deputy prime minister have been converted into the royalties or they feel like they are the descendents of Prithvi Shah, as they run the country obviously they feel that without Prithvi Shah those communists would have nothing to inherit?


Surely, Prithvi Shah is a deity for those who have benefited from his atrocities. So, we find always the praise heaped on Prithvi Shah on the social media from the folks that had benefited tremendously from the actions of Prithvi Shah at the cost of the entire population that had suffered from poverty and diseases. It is not a surprise but the surprise is those communists that have come to power receiving the votes of the descendents of the victims of Prithvi Shah have been claiming that Prithvi Shah is really a deity.


Let us wait until the next elections to see whether the folks would vote or not for those communists converted into royalties in the next general elections. If the folks do so then those communist royalties could continue their rein otherwise the Nepali Congress leaders have to make preparations for teaching lessons to those communists becoming the kings and queens.


January 11, 2019


P.S. The media has it that Mr. Oli sent his police force to Kirtipur on January 11, 2019 to stop the descendents of the victims of the excessive cruelty of Prithvi Shah from reaching the stone where Prithvi Shah tripped over and where a Nevah soldier was about to chop his head another soldier stop him saying a soldier should not kill a king. Thus, the Nevah soldier demonstrated the high ethics of the army, and saved the head of Prithvi Shah.


However, Prithvi Shah after several attempts (at least six times) when he won Kirtipur then he sent his soldiers to cut the noses and ears of those who had resisted him. Then, he sent other soldiers to kill those soldiers who had cut the noses and ears of innocent women, children and even the old people to erase the evidences of the brutality.


Since, then Kirtipurians have been spitting at the stone to protest the demonic deeds of Prithvi Shah once a year on the day of the anniversary of Prithvi Shah even during the absolute rule of kings but on January 11, 2019, Mr. Oli stopped them to do the same thus violating the people’s constitution that has provided every Nepali with the freedom of expression. Thus, Mr. Oli repressed the victims of the brutality of Prithvi Shah.


Mr. Oli even took the president to the statue of Prithvi Shah to revere him. And his deputy held the anniversary procession from the office of Nepal Academy at Kamaladi to the Statue of Prithvi Shah at the gate to Singhdurbar Secretariat. Let his ministers join the former Panchas means monarchists to pray Prithvi Shah probably for a autocratic or dictatorial rule, which has been the meeting point of the autocrats whether they were monarchs or communists or elected dictatorial leaders.


Probably, ancestors and even fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers of those ministers, the prime minister, his deputy and the president as about 99 percent of the people must have suffered from the Shah-Rana rule that deprived the people of everything except for the poverty and diseases. Today, the sons and the daughter of those guys have been in the positions of power. Probably, they are for running the dictatorial rule in the name of the Prithvi Shah.


So, all the democratic minded people including the Nepali Congress people need to rise up to stop the tendency of Mr. Oli’s government to impose the dictatorial rule not even permitting the people in Kirtipur what they had been doing for centuries. Such violation of the people’s constitution should be strongly dealt with. However, none of the Congress leaders who always claim defenders of democracy has said anything against the repression of the indigenous people in Kirtipur on January 11, 2019.


The Oli government has heavily misused the State media such as TV, radio and newspapers for misinforming the people about Prithvi Shah to elevate him to the status of a deity even though he had committed so grave atrocities during his campaign to win every possible state.


These State media failed in reporting the police force the Oli government sent to stop the folks in Kirtipur from doing what they had been doing to protest the malicious deeds of Prithvi Shah.


The Oli government and the State media have been feeding the people with misinformation to raise the status of the man who had no pity for anybody, even for his godfather: Ranajit Malla who had left his beloved State with tears.


Never would be the victory of untruths about Prithvi Shah over the truth about him. So, one day, these guys spreading the untruths and going for the victory of the untruths over the truth would surely face the consequences of the misdeeds.


January 12, 2019

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